Deadline: July 22 (expired)

The registration is CLOSED.

If you want to register, please download and fill this form, rename it as name.surname.doc and return it following the instructions contained in it. Please, note that the hotel maybe already full.

Talk/Poster information

Submissions can be about published work, completed work, or Work In Progress (WIP), although preference for talks will be given to published work. Please, note that only about 20 talks will be accepted in all research areas. Unselected talks may be presented as posters. Presenting author is assumed to be the person submitting the abstract.

Format and Timing for Talks
Talks will last 20 minutes with an additional 5 minutes for questions. Personal laptops can be used if necessary, though it is preferable to copy the talk on the meeting laptop. In case you wish to use your own computer be sure to bring any VGA adapter or HDMI cable you may need.

Format, timing, and location for Posters
Posters will be extremely relevant at the meeting: At least 6 hours will be devoted to poster sessions, and a prize for the best poster will be awarded. The size of poster boards will be 70 cm times 100 cm. Within these limits, we are totally flexible with the format of poster (single sheet of paper, a number of smaller sheets of paper, etc). Materials for mounting paper posters will be provided.